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Jennifer Garner Alias Jennifer Garner Alias

Jennifer Garner Alias Jennifer Garner Alias

Alias is a Sci-fi action drama tv series starring Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow. A under graduated student who became field agent in SD6,a secret department of Central Intelligence Agency. Her fiance was murdered by SD6 after she reviled that she's a spy. Sydney found out that SD6 is not a part of CIA,she became double agent like her father. They're working as double agent to the real CIA. Sydney have good relationship with her CIA handler Michael Vaughn.

Will Tippin,Sydney's friend investigate the murder of her fiance. She told her two SD-6 friends, Marcus Dixon and Marshall Flinkman that she's double agent and soon they've also worked as double agent of CIA. Sydney's best friend, Francie Calfo was murdered by Allison Doren and turns her self looks like Francie to be able to spy Sydney and Will. Sydney soon found her self in Hongkong with no idea what she's doing there . When she came back Michael Vaughn was already married Lauren Reed.

Sydney's had been missing for the past two years. Her family and friends thought that she died because DNA evidence confirmed in a burned body that she's dead. She was kidnapped by “The Covenant” believing that she's Julia Thorne. Sydney had voluntary erased her two years memories to ensure the safeness of Rambaldi's artifact and no one would ever be found it. CIA told Sydney that Arvin Sloane had been pardoned and Michael Vaughn married a member of The Covenant and a secret lover of Julian Sark. She also discovered that her mother and Arvin Sloane had a child together. When Sydney's battling against Reed,she told Sydney that she had something about her past. Vaughn shoots Reen but before she died she gave Sydney a security box number where Sydney can found something about her past.

Bristow joined the new division of CIA called APO “Authorize Persons Only” run by Arvin Sloane. He choose his member who also formerly worked in SD-6 like Marcus Dixon, Marshall Flinkman together with Jack Bristow and Michael Vaughn. The group didn't know that Sloane have an evil plan. He polluted the world's drinking water with chemicals that caused feelings of peace and tranquility. Sydney's half sister Nadia was infected by this water and she battles against Sydney. Sloane didn't had a choice but to shoot his own daughter that puts her into coma. Sydney and Vaughn got engaged again. When their way going to Santa Barbara Vaughn told Sydney that his name is not real Michael Vaughn and his may not working to the real CIA. Before he can say anymore information,another car smash their car.

Alias showed the importance of family relationship of Sydney to her parents,to Arvin and Emily Sloane and even to her future husband. The first three season showed the trust and betrayal of Sydney to her father and to SD-6. Sydney Bristow has determination to complete what Arvin Sloane wants,the Rambaldi Artifacts. Alias was not a major hit tv show on ABC Network. It has the lowest viewership in the show's history.

April 6, 2004 when Acclaim Entertainment released Alias Video Game for PC,PS2 and Xbox. ABC Television also released downloadable video game title Alias: Underground.

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Highest Rated Tv Series : Smallville

Smallville an American tv series produced by the Warner Brothers. Although it was produced by the Warner Brothers. It was filmed at Vancouver Canada. They provided the place for the Kent Farm and the Metropolis area. They found out that it was cheaper and it also had "Middle America landscape".

This tv series shows the adventure of Clark Kent during his teenage years before he became Superman. Season one showed how Clark Kent came to Earth together with a huge meteor shower that destroyed the whole town of Smallville. Martha and Jonathan Kent found him and they became his parents. He's the man of STEEL but he became weak when he expose with green Kryptonite. Luthor Corp. is a big company owned by Lex Luthor. And their using kryptonite for their experiments. The story of the first four season was much more on Clark and his friends. Clark has a crush with Lana Lang but he can't tell how he feels. On Season 5, Clark and Lana are finally got together but it didn't last. Clark met some new characters that also have powers because of the meteor shower. He met Aquaman, Green Arrow, Cyborg, Flash and they formed a group to fight the evil plan of Lex Luthor. The story from this season became much more in exciting compare from the first four season.

Starring Tom Welling, Kristin Kreuk, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack and Annette O'Toole. This tv show had many nominations on different Awards. It was nominated in six category in 2002 on Hugo Award and Saturn Award . Smallville is the highest rated tv series of Warner Brothers.

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